Thursday, August 15, 2013

Russell Simmons Is The Perfect Epitome Of A SELLOUT For Denigrating The Image Of HARRIET TUBMAN!!!!

I hardly ever go on Twitter anymore because of all of what I call 'noise' because it annoys the hell out of me, so I stay on Tumblr because of the calming euphoria I get from it. I don't follow any so called experts, except the ones that I know of but it's not to the point that I become angry or something by what is said like I do when I'm on Twitter.
"General Tubman Was A True Warrior"

Well, it seems that I missed the antics of "Black Twitter" once again and that's fine because I don't see any significant or empowering topics coming from any of the so called experts who are "Twitter Famous" anyway; just the usual black-on-black bashing or excessive whining about non-issues.
This is your enemy because he thwarts your true progress. If those of you who follow him knew any'd stop his ability to make money off of your stupidity and ignorance.

 Last night was different, so I logged on and what did I see? I saw that this despicable human being named Russell Simmons has a Youtube channel and he had created what some call a parody of Harriet Tubman in a video called  "The Harriet Tubman Sex Tape." I'm not providing the video on this blog nor the link, so Google it because I do not support individuals like him.

His insult to Harriet Tubman and basically millions of other black women made me angry. How dare this despicable individual defile the image and legacy of Harriet Tubman in a manner like this! A few weeks ago he had the audacity to criticize Don Lemon because of the comments he made about how some black youth could improve their lives. Hip Hop culture is Simmons' lively-hood and that's where he makes his money off of the clueless, dumb, and ignorant who follow his faux lifestyle and semi-influence.

Personally, I'm not impressed with him at all and never have been and never will be. I’m not shocked and nor am I appalled by the behavior of this man who proves once again that men like him have no problem disrespecting the imagery of black women when it comes to making a buck. I do not support those who prop our culture with trash and label mediocrity and misogyny as a culture.

I consider him as nothing but a poverty pimp and an opportunist who preys upon the gullible and black men like him who tell their followers to remain in perpetual victim-hood are the worst because no real leader tells anyone that, especially when they continue to enrich their own pockets.

I have no respect for individuals who have the influence to empower others, but are so greedy, they only tell them to blame the man or blame racism for their problems and you people still believe them without even looking at the lifestyles they live. They may have grown up in the hood, but people they no longer live in the hood, so get a clue and pay attention. Have the courage to lead yourselves because Simmons' and other's like him are in the business to keep you down.

I see Simmons' as nothing more than a businessman who hasn't did anything exceptional that hasn't been done before and  who now seems to be driven more by greed than anything else, hence the need to stoop this low to attract the dumb and the clueless. We now have a culture that is driven by negativity in any shape fashion or form, who are nothing but a bunch of insecure, low self-esteem and no-identity having individuals who find joy in the denigration of others and they all feed into this culture because of the content they create.

A petition was put up quickly to shut this chump down and it succeeded, now he needs to apologize to the descendants of Harriet Tubman and every black woman or man whose ancestors suffered and died as slaves in America because of his antics and blatant disrespect. I have no tolerance for any man, especially a black man who publicly demeans and insults an upstanding black woman in public for all the world to see. I will never line the pockets of any man who will not uplift any woman and reduce her to a subservient position either and he is no exception.

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